(Review) How To Train Your Dragon 2


I just dont know why, but Abib LOVES hiccup and toothless (well, all the dragons too..) more than all the animated film he ever watched.

He loves how to train your dragon the movie, and the series on cartoon network. So we’ve been waiting for the sequel, since we watched it on youtube, last year. Hahaha..

And thank God. How To Train Your Dragon 2 is AWESOME!!!

How To Train Your Dragon 2

This DreamWorks Animation-produced sequel is darker in tone and more layered than its popular predecessor, but that’s definitely a good thing. Like the Toy Story series, the makers of this franchise are allowing the films to grow up alongside loyal young viewers.

Too many animation studios become conservative with sequels, which become hard to distinguish from the originals. Instead of copying the template, the makers of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” choose to expand the universe geographically – a logical move considering the protagonists now move on the backs of dragons.


It’s been five years since Hiccup and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk. Once an awkward teen, Hiccup has now grown into a handsome young man (though his voice, still supplied by Jay Baruchel, is as warbly as ever), set to succeed his father, Stoick (Gerard Butler), as chief of Berk.

Dragons and Vikings now live side-by-side on the island of Berk. But there is a sensational upset. They are menaced by this so-called “king of all dragons”; a dragon hunter named Drago Bludvist. For he who controls the alpha dragon controls them all. He’s kinda mysterious overlord, who clearly has sinister intentions. He’s actually an exiled tribe member who traps dragons and rules through fear and torture. He’s sooooo scary.

But the surprise on this movie was not just Drago’s appearance. DeBlois also introduces new twists to which both audiences and the ensemble must adapt, none more significant than the appearance of a vigilante named Valka (Cate Blanchett), whose gender is but a mere fraction of the surprises she represents.

If Drago is the embodiment of pure evil — a figure who simply cannot be reasoned with — then Valka is his generous, nature-respecting contrapositive. She lives at the center of a visually stunning, dragon-safe sanctuary where winged reptiles of every color swarm overhead. This habitat, surely ranks among the most incredible environments ever depicted in animation.

Well, speaking of that, from the very first minute, we were fascinated with the picture. This sequel, really get us a free backdrop of natural beauty that allows the audience to experience first-hand the wonders down below or up above in an immersive way that only the best in 3-D animation can do. Indeed. We can practically feel the icy air, wind and water slapping against our skin.


And, as a SUPER mellow person, this animation movie got me a few times of ‘wipe the tears’ moments.

First with recent issues about animal abuse, watching this movie succesfully makes me cry. Clearly, these films are the work of people who love animals. More importantly though, going beyond the pat eco-conscious message that every kids film has to have, this movie touches on how complex the emotional bond between a person and an animal can be.

Then, this sequel, just like the first movie, throwing a stuborness issue that lead the whole story to a complete heartbreaking scene of the film. Hmm… where the earlier movie teased the idea of mortality, costing Hiccup a leg in lieu of his life, this time around, DeBlois commits to the idea that dangerous acts have serious consequences: Major characters will be asked to make huge sacrifices to protect the ones they love….


However, it does have a lot of fire and explosions that may scare kids under age 10. The story now escalates to a full-blown war movie, pitting Hiccup against a notorious dragon hunter. Just as Hiccup has aged, so too has the target audience for the new film.

Parents also should be aware that the film makes some heavy dramatic choices, and younger children may be upset by some of what happens. The easy version of this film would leave you completely happy with the fate of every character, but that’s not the film they’re making here. There are consequences to every action, some of which no one could predict, and there are some brutal truths that Hiccup is forced to learn as he takes these final steps into adulthood.

But since Abib is 2,5 years old, he didn’t aware of the whole stories. He was just hanging off the edge of his seat and eyes were glued on the screen the entire time (which is a feat him). Hehehee..

So, for those parents growing more and more weary each day of yet another screening of FROZEN this movie is for you! This movie will be one you won’t mind seeing over and over again in the theatre or at home


For me, this movie is a visually stunning movie. It’s humanist in a way that expands upon the “let’s be smart rather than violent” approach to life that made Hiccup such an inspiring hero in the first film.

DeBlois, who also wrote the script, successfully juggles the multiple story lines, shifting allegiances and uncharted lands. Like most good animated movies, you get the feeling this would work as a live-action film as well.

The movie’s main concern may be dragons, but it’s also about hawks and doves. Indeed, audiences of a certain age, meaning old hahaha, might sense the ghost of Neville Chamberlain hovering over Hiccup as he learns the danger of appeasing a mad dictator.

The film is not perfect. But for the most part, this is a family film in the best sense of the word. It’s as good as animated sequels get….



“No task is too small when it comes to serve our people..” (Stoick)

“Some minds cannot be change, hiccup.” (Stoick)

“But We are a peace keeper..” (hiccup)

“When you preserve them your loyalty, there is nothing they won’t do for you…” (hiccup)

“People who kill without reasons, cannot be persuaded!” (Stoick)

“Some of us just born different.” (Valka)

“When i’m up here, i don’t even feel cold. I just feel…Free. it’s what dragons should feel.” (Valka)

“For you my dear, anything…” (Stoick)

“He who controls the alpha, controls them all!” (Drago)

“Good dragons, under the control of bad people, doing bad things…” (Valka)

“Only you can brings our world together. That is who you are, son..” (Valka)

“He is chalenging the Alpha. To protect me…” (Hiccup)


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